Global positioning systems (GPS) for all our vehicles and Global system for mobile communications (GSM) have made traveling an easier option and exploring the world much more fun with connectivity round the clock. Most vehicles designed today have inbuilt and installed GPS tracking systems that make it easier to travel and find your way around in a new city. All these software and guiding devices work on specifically designed and programmed applications and software.

What can centauruss do for you?

At centauruss, we understand the intricate needs that have to be served through GPS tracking system because the need for accuracy and precision permeates the need for smarter application designs and programs. The GPS tracking device for cars is most often used and that also means it has to be the most accurate one. This is what we at centauruss understand. We have a deep understanding of how the GPS system works and how it mandates the need for special designs, how different capabilities have to be inbuilt concerning new requirements that are developed over time.

Once we are able to communicate as partners and collaborators, we deliver better with improved client trust and mutual integrity. If you are looking for a partner to take forward your specific requirements of GPS and GSM tracking systems, you should definitely reach out to us. Enjoy the following services with our Vehicle Tracking System.

  • Tracking Vehicle and other real time objects through Web Portal
  • Remotely control Vehicle and device using GPS
  • Creating and managing accounts for Distributes and Resellers
  • Receive and display various Alarms
  • GEO-Fencing online configuration
  • Historical route display and other information
  • Reports : View all different types of reports related to Fleet Management System

Words from Our Client

If you are looking for a company that is working hard to complete a task within budget and on time with an extreme amount of professionalism is Centauruss the company for you. We have worked with Sam and his team for some time and have not had a single problem. Lijoy ( Deal N Dine ) The professional relationship with our Centauruss development team has proven to be beneficial beyond our expectations. The lines of communication with our SQT project manager are always open and very effective, and the quality of work completed by the team is consistently of a high quality that meets our standards.

Our Work

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